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A Little Rock N' Roll (10th Anniversary Edition)

by Gölden Palace

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Summer Song 03:25
Paradise 04:15
Right Now 03:31
Saving Sage 03:03
Still Here 04:28


Beachy punk rock with a classic rock feel. Fresh out of high school and all living together in a crappy apartment, Gölden Palace formed when Vitne and Alex Goss began writing music after a break from their high school punk band 5th March. Not long after, the band entered the studio and recorded A Little Rock N' Roll, an album truly their own beachy punk style, a mix of influences like classic rock, glam metal, punk and ska. Highlights include Thin Lizzy-esque Is it a Crime?, the very beachy Right Now and Summer Song, and the punk anthem Saving Sage.

In high school at Wando High School in Mt. Pleasant, SC, I joined a punk rock band called 5th March in 2001. I was 15 years old. I had played bass for maybe 2 weeks when I joined. The other members were Alex Goss, Graham Spees and Rusty Lambert. When we played our first show, I was so nervous I don't think I moved hardly at all. It was a huge crowd of kids from high school too, it must have been over 100 people, pretty good for a first show.

Throughout high school we played tons of shows. Rusty and Graham left the band and Johnny Emmel joined on drums, and Alex Harvin on guitar. We recorded demos with Harvin at his house and eventually went into Fusion 5 Studios to record "Under The Knife." Then graduation came in 2003, and we weren't sure what was in store for 5th March.

5th March ended up breaking up, with Goss moving upstate and Johnny and I staying in Charleston, attending the College of Charleston. Johnny and I got an offer to play in Rosemont, a pop punk band we had shared concerts with as 5th March. We were really bored, so we joined.

It was great playing music again, but it didn't feel right. Rosemont was going for a Green Day vibe, and Johnny and I weren't really so into that. During this time I had begun learning guitar in my dorm room, playing along to Hoobastank and Unwritten Law songs. I also began to get more into songwriting and wrote a number of riffs I thought could be cool songs.

In 2004, I moved into an apartment with Johnny and so did Goss who ended up coming back to Charleston. Goss and I began to write songs together and conspiring about starting a band called Gölden Palace named after some PC software that seemed to always install itself on our computers, and with an umlaut over the ö since we are big Mötley fans. Some of those first songs were "Right Now," "Summer Song," "Saving Sage," and "Paradise."

Johnny loved it and wanted to play as a band again also, so the three of us began practicing together before Rosemont practice. Pretty soon after that, Graham began living with us too, and since we didn't have a bassist, he took up the bass. Everything just clicked.

Funnily enough, the day I was going to announce my resignation from Rosemont, the singer "relieved me of duty" before I had the chance to quit! But in any case, I felt free and never regretted my decision.

We practiced like crazy and got tight fast. We played our first concert at some little bar that went out of business a few weeks afterward to a crowd of maybe 10. But we killed it. Then not long after, we played another concert at the local bowling alley with some of our friends' high school bands, and then word began to spread. We recorded a 2-song demo of "Summer Song" and "I Wanna Be In Love" and had friends pass them out in-between classes at Wando High School, and as a result we began to gain quite a local following.

In November of 2004 we entered Holodeq Studio with Dwayne Greenhill to record what would become A Little Rock N' Roll. This was in 2004, iTunes being almost brand new, and CDs very expensive to manufacture. With all our money put into recording, we ended up only releasing it amongst friends via homemade CDR.

In 2015, after talking with the rest of the guys about firing up the GP machine again, I was able to find the original mixes. They had never actually been mastered, so I sent them off to mastering and they came back sounding great. We released the new "remastered" version in July of 2015, finally on CD. It felt amazing to finally hold the CD in my hand, 10 years later.

This album is a big mish mash of all our influences. We are huge fans of hair metal, punk rock, ska, and classic rock, and you can really hear that in the record.

 - Vitne (January 2016)


released July 1, 2015


Alex Goss: Lead and backing vocals, guitar
VITNE (Joseph Kimbrell): Guitar
Johnny Emmel: Drums
Graham Spees: Bass

All songs written by Alex Goss except "Summer Song," "Paradise," "Right Now" and "Saving Sage" written by Alex Goss and Joseph Kimbrell.

Produced, Mixed by Dwayne Greenhill

Mastered by Steve Corrao


all rights reserved



Gölden Palace Charleston, South Carolina

Beachy punk rock from the shores of sunny South Carolina.

Members are also in Savage Tongues and VITNE.

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